What classes do you offer?


For kids from 12 to 18, we teach long-form improv, with many games thrown in. There are four levels of elementary improv classes that must be taken in order.

For kids from 8 to 11, we teach game-based improv, with more extended scenes thrown in if the group’s maturity allows. These classes stand alone but vary from quarter to quarter.

Public Speaking

The public speaking classes are smaller and more intimate. We emphasize self-connection, audience connection and learn extemporaneous (unprepared) speaking. These classes are for kids aged 12 to 18.

How can I pay?

On the classes page, click the Enroll button.

HOMESCHOOL PARENTS: If you pay with a homeschool voucher, use the coupon code HSVOUCHER. Someone will then contact you with further details.

Does my child need experience?

No experience is needed.

How can I contact you?

Send your questions to classes@armpitimprov.com or call 559-856-1155. See our contact page for more.

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