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We are a NEW school of improvisation for kids and teens. We teach improvisation and public speaking online and in person. And we do shows!

Our school creates a safe and nurturing environment where your child can take risks without fear of judgment.

Improv reduces social anxiety, increases cognitive flexibility, and helps kids build a positive mindset.

At our school, kids grow confidence and freedom that translates into their everyday lives.

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We offer a powerful alternative to Social Media and Isolation. Our kids build social skills and make friends. Join our email list. Follow us on Facebook. Join a class or come to a show!

Online & In Person



Our online classes are effective, fun, and available to anyone who can’t attend our in-person classes.

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Fresno / Clovis

Fresno Cohousing

We conduct in-person classes for kids living in and around the Fresno-Clovis metro area.

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What kinds of classes?


We offer basic and advanced short-form (games) and long-form (scenes) classes. Kids are divided into classes based on age and maturity.

Public Speaking

Our public speaking classes emphasize authenticity, audience connection, and fun. The training prepares kids for extemporaneous (impromptu/unprepared) speaking.

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